Lawn Applications

With our lawn application program you will recieve a one on one personal lawn evaluation.  We use only the highest quality products to insure the best results for you.  Through our continued education program we are able to stay up to date on the latest products to give you the best results.  We offer a five step program of fertilizer and weed control best suited to your lawn.  All applicators are certified Commercial Applicators by the State of Missouri.


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5-step Lawn Application


  • Application #1: (Late winter-early fall) 

          Fertilizer w/ pre-emergent/crabgrass control

  • Application #2: (Spring)

          Fertilizer and broadleaf weed control

  • Application #3: (Summer)

          Summer fertilizer

  • Application #4: (Late summer)

          Fertilizer and broadleaf weed control

  • Application #5: (Late fall)

          Winterizer fertilizer


Optional Applications


  • Optional grub control

  • Optional nutsedge control

  • Optional perimeter insect control

  • Optional lime application

  • Optional disease and fungus treatment